Thursday, June 14, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Street Party

Tuesday, June 5th - Fenny Stratford

A little tender from the night before, we re-converged at John's garden to help with the cleanup/breakdown from the day before.  
The big task for the day was to move the tent up to the "official" street fair.
So in true British comedic fashion we moved it, up the street, to the garden party.  Complete with a flag bearer and a squeeze box.  It was chucking down rain but the racket drew out a few folks.

After setting up the tent we tried to congratulate ourselves with a pint at the Red Lion.  Seeing that it was only 11, our grand plan was foiled.
Resourceful as always, John volunteered the leftover beer and burgers so the new plan hatched; head down to the Lion at 1:30 (usual time), have a pint, pick up the beer and burgers from John's and head up to the party.  Exactly what the chick organizing the 'do didn't want.

Ritchie and "Big" Mike took refuge in the tent on the "Frog's Island" side.  In fact we all took refuge from the rain there, after all that's where the beer and burgers were.

The Staplehall Rd. gang stuck to theirs.  I introduced the guys to a "traveler".

An impromptu soccer match broke out, the adults vs. the children.

The adults were handed their asses by 10 year olds.

So we packed up the tent and headed back to our side of the neighborhood.

I don't know whether we did anything for Neighborhood relations but we had a good time.  We usually do.

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