Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Garden Party

Monday, June 5th - Fenny Stratford 

As with most successful plans, this one was hatched in a pub.  Most neighborhoods are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Queens coronation with street parties.  Ours is as well but the official party is a decidedly tamer affair, tea and cucumber sandwiches....
So the "old blokes" at the pub decided to volunteer John to host the alternative 'do since he had the biggest back garden.

John claims that Big John can erect the tent by himself in 10 minutes

So if we extrapolate, 5 guys should take 50 minutes to do the same.

1 hour later, the tent was up.

And in typical English fashion the guys took a tea break.
L to R, Ritchie, Terry and Martin
 Big John from Cork, with his beer and a potato.  I don't know if I'm a racist for finding this funny.

Our host John tucking into a Detroit coney!  They were gone in 10 minutes.  Next time I'll make more.

20-30 odd showed up.

A good representation of the "old blokes".
L to R, Big John, Terry, Martin and Ritchie
 This is no hot dog and hamburger party.  John manned the grill for 5 straight hours, grilling everything from burgers to vegetables, sausages, even Salmon.
Ritchie serving Terry's better half Pat.
 The newlyweds, Roy and his missus.

"Big" Mick classes the joint up in a double breasted blazer and champagne.

The contingency plan was to move everyone into "the barn" in case of rain.  Instead it was used as a refuge for John and his better half Claire.

Martin supplied the squeezebox and dancing broke out.

In fits and starts, about a minute at a time.  The "professional" dancers tried in vain to corral the rest of us.

Mick and John were the first out.  Terry and I reluctantly joined later.

Yep, even I was dragged into the fray by one of the instructors that daces with Claire.

In the twilight of the afternoon James and Julie joined us.
L to R, Martin, James, "Big Mick", Julie and Tom
 Tea time is a considerate signal to pack up and go home!

This morning we all met up at 10:30 to walk the tent down the road to the other celebration.  It included a flag bearer and musical accompaniment. At 11:00 we learned that the pub wasn't open until noon.   

So, back down to the pub at the usual time (1:30), 2 pints, back to Johns for a burger and then off to the street party.  How's that for a slice of fried gold?

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  1. Julie looks just like Helen Mirren! So where's the video of your parade taking the tent to the next party? Looks like it was a riot - dancing and a squeeze box, we'll have to try that at our next party.