Saturday, June 2, 2012


Saturday, June 2nd - Castle Brewer

In a world without hot dogs, without hot dog buns.  Where there is no concept of chili, or coney sauce.  Where frankfurters appear on store shelves in pickle jars...
One man shall endeavour to set things right....

Actually, it's more complicated than that.
Happy Diamond Jubilee!  We've got a 4 day weekend, how abouts you? 
And in due course, the old blokes from the neighborhood have decided to hold an alternative Jubilee celebration.  Particularly since the "official" celebration involves cream tea and cucumber sandwhiches.  So, we're having a garden party with a grill and beer.  Simple enough?
But what to bring?  What's 'merican?  What's "Detroit"?  Coneys, that's what!

Yes, the hotdogs come in pickle jars.  So after some searching I found frankfurters from France (?).  "Finger Rolls" which come close to the doughy, spongy texture and shape of Wonder buns.  Real-deal French's yellow mustard.  Alas, no coney sauce.  You don't know how good you've got it folks. 
Guess what?  My buddy Bob couldn't hook me up either..

I know from someone who worked at Chelli's (you did know his family owned a bunch of coney's in Chicago right?) that real coney sauce is made from beef heart.  But, like everything else here I had to substitute (or buy a 7lb. ox heart and try to grind it myself).
So tonight I think I got close, close enough for the neighbors.  Next time I'll find the beef heart.

Tonight I gave it a go and?  Not to shabby if I do say so myself.

Monday I'll introduce Fenny Stratford to the coney.  I can't wait!


  1. Was never big on coney sauce to begin with - but beef heart???? I think I'll stick to Hormel, though yours does look pretty good!


  2. Deb, I'm sure Hormel has beef heart and other inards that might make you sick to your stomach if you read the ingredient list.

    Chris I hope your coney sauce was more like Lafayette than American Coney but either way i'm sure it made you think of the "D".


  3. Yeah, you don't want to look too closely sometimes. The key indregients are beef heart, lard and no tomato!