Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday April 22nd

Sunday, April 22nd - Castle Brewer
This post is largely for my mom and my Aunt.  There haven't been a lot of interesting photos of late, unless you're me.  As lonely as it can be, the only benefit is being in the garage for hours on end without interuption.  Unfortunately, It doesn't make for great blogging material (everything looks the same).
Even though you don't post comments, I know who reads the blog...

First, I never realized how pleased I would be to drink beer from Chicago!  It ends up about $3.20 a bottle but I'm happy to have it.
I'll be throwin' out some knwowlege, if you need it, google urbandictionary...

I've spent the better part of the last few weeks trying to source little parts, stuff that you won't see.  Last weekend I drove 800 miles and came up with a £20 bag of bolts.  £ by the way is called a Libra, and is the symbol for pounds Sterling, also called a quid, about 1.6 to the dollar.


I spent this weekend working on the steering bearings and exhaust tabs... etc, etc, etc.
A couple of weeks ago one of my neighbors stopped by and introduced himself as "Big John".  John meets up with the old guys from the neighborhood (called Frog Island) on Sunday's and takes them down to the Lion.
I missed them last weekend 'cause I was up in Norfolk looking for bits-n-bobs.
This weekend however, I met all the ole geezers and they were all keen to meet the 'merican.  Some wanted to know why all of these blokes hung out at 92 Simpson and what was going on with "American Choppers" in Fenny Stratford.

Turns out that they're a political group of blokes, currently rallying against a Travellers site being built in our fair haven.  In true governmental fasion, they're proposing development of an "improved" caravan site at the cost of £160,000 per slab.  That's like knocking down a house so you can put up a tent....  They subsequently submitted £160,000 invoices to the council in the name of "diversity".
Everyone was really interested to find out; 1. Whether I'm gay based on the number of blokes that stay at my house, 2. What's going on in the garage that makes so much noise. 3. Being a geographical bachelor, if I'm pulling birds.  Answers: No, cheap motorcycle, and absolutely NO!
To be honest, they bought the rounds and I'm a little pissed.

I'm at the point now where I'm fitting everything, seeing where everything will go.  Spacers, wiring routes, etc.  Next steps are to fit the forward controls, break it down for paint and powder coat.  That is, after I pull the motor off of the bench and figure out my sprocket spacing..

There you are. A little bit for me, a little for you.  Done and dusted.  It's no Triumph but I'd ride it.
Funny turn of fate, the politicos have another on their RADAR, Roly Doggett, who stopped by the garage to chat about bikes a couple of weeks ago.  Roly has some vintage BSA's in his shed.  Time to build bridges my friends!


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