Friday, March 9, 2012

Little pig, little pig, let me in!

Not one of the greatest designs in automotive history.  8 little piggies went to the market, 7 little piggies came home, 1 little piggie jambed its self into the fucking head and wouln't come out.  The Ford 5.4l 3V has a habit of gluing the plugs into the heads.

Assuming that because they're a pain in the ass, they'd never been done.  In the name of preventative maintenance I'd tackle the job while home.  10 hours into a 2 hours job I called it quits.  After unsuccesfully using the specialty "shitty broken plug stuck in the head" tool to remove little coils of metal instead of the plug, I called for a tow and took it to the dealer.
Call #1 from the dealer Service Desk informed me that they'd exceeded the original estimate and needed another hour... Unless they couldn't extract it, and then they'd have to pull the head, and that would cost, alot!

Call #2 from the dealer Cashier told me it was ready to be picked up.  2-hours, $180 well spent.  It even runs (a little) better.

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