Saturday, February 11, 2012

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Saturday, February 11th 2012 - Oxford

Conversation starters for pot-heads.  UK cigarette box type warnings; "Vanity causes ugliness", "Eating healthy may help you live to an age when no one cares about you", "Anti-oxidants may cause your body to outlive your mind".
Where is it, why is it?  Doesn't matter.
I love this kind animus, it's the privilege of the outsider.  "Narcissism breeds loneliness, loneliness breeds narcissism", "If the whole world thinks you're an asshole, who am I to disagree?".  
(it's part of an installation at the Pitt Rivers)

Anywho, cabin fever was starting to set in.  I decided to go visit Oxford this morning, home of Oxford University.

The city was packed to the gills with tourists so my visit would be short.  Not to mention, that in standard fashion I picked the coldest day of the year, again.
Last year I visited Cambridge when it was -11°, today was a balmy -6°. 

Also in standard fashion I began with a sample of the local wares.

If I'm being perfectly honest (and what point is there to be otherwise?), this isn't in Oxford.  It was taken last weekend in High Wycombe (wikum).
It's a long story but I drove and hour, had one beer and left.  The tattoo parlor sucked, it was packed with tourists and the pub didn't serve lunch.

The lonely traveler.

Back to Oxford...
I love natural history museums!  Little boys dream about lions and dinosaurs and leaches and bot flies.  Slimy stuff and gigantic monsters.

Vaulted glass ceiling in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

The fossilized skeleton of an Iguanadon has been posed as a biped.  It was thought to walk on all four when it was first installed in the late 1800's.

T-Rex looming overhead.

Absolutely massive, man-children dream about them too.

Saltwater crocodile wants to come out a play.

A horse for mom.

A giraffe for Chris & Andy.

Modern human skulls (Homo Sapien).  Bottom row (L to R): African, Asian, European, Australian Aboriginal.

I can hear Sir Richard Attenborough's voice from Jurassic Park, "Hello there Mr. DNA!"

Did you think that a Buzzard looked like this?  Neither did I.  They're huge raptors and the most common bird of prey in the UK.

Prehistoric water monsters.

Walking straight through the museum brings you into another, distinct museum. The Pitts-River museum of anthropology  and world archaeology!

The Haida Totem was purchased for only $36 in 1901.  The totem was carved in British Columbia sometime in the mid 1800's.

Out of time today but I'll be back again.  I need to dedicate a full day to Oxford, when it's warmer and Gena's here.

Oh hell, I guess I've got time for one.  7 real ales on tap, Beer Guides "Best Of'" 6 years in a row.

Favorite watering hole of alums C.S. Lewis and Thomas Hardy.  I imagine them here in the beer garden; pipe, cigar, mastication, confabulation and pint.

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  1. Good to see you posting again. I thought you were to busy to entertain your fans. Glad you're coming home soon - can't wait to see you.