Friday, December 2, 2011

Everything worked out in the end

Friday, December 2nd - Early Christmas

My care package from the states arrived today!  Unfortunately it arrived while I was at work and the website claimed that it had been left with reception (I don't remember having a receptionist at the house but it would be nice.  In fact if I had my way I'd pick the maid from American Horror Story).

Came home a little early to figure out the location of my Christmas presents and panicked when I saw my garage door wide open.  I had backed into the driveway last night so I didn't see that it popped back open this morning when I left.
Turns out the neighbors were panicked too.  In true Benny Hill fashion, they tried to close the garage door, but couldn't because it's electric, and they didn't have a key to close it from the inside and exit through the house (the doors don't lock on their own).  Then they tried to call the Realtor, but they called wrong one, not that I have any idea what he would have done...
Any who, the flurry of activity must have run off the chav's because everything was fine and in its place (i.e. disassembled wight bench still on the garage floor and the beer fridge still virtuous).

A note in the door informed me that my packages had been left across the street.  I guess I do have a receptionist after all.  I thanked her and left my card in case I leave the door open again, or they notice a strange smell, that kind of thing.  That's now 2 neighbors that have asked for my contact info and no Christmas party invites so far....

Anyways, my early Christmas presents brought some normality to the house.
Electric kettle and instant coffee?  Gone!  Behold the new hotness.
Even my travel mug sucked.  Ever have one where the lid vapor locks, so you tip it waaaay back because nothing's coming out and then you get a half gallon of scalding coffee at once?  Yeah?  Me too!  That's the one I have!
Not any more, now I've got the svelte H-D model on the right.
Can I use the coffee maker? No, because it's 110v vs. 220v but that's not the point.  As far as I'm concerned it can sit there an taunt the electric kettle until I come up with a step down transformer.

Tongs in 2 sizes (compared the the Fisher Price "My First Kitchen" tongs below).

Our stocking from home, hung by the chimney with care.  Maybe I'll put Gena's gifts in hers and keep them there until she visits next, in May...

No more shampoo on the floor!  Doesn't seem like a big deal but I'll be damned if I could fine one that would fit in my shower over here.  Good job sweetie!

Finally, I picked up a use weight bench last night.  If Jesse James can work out 5 days a week and do an hour of cardio, I ought to be able to devote a minute or two to sit ups.
Yeah that bars bent, I throw huge weight around.  I pick things up and I put things down.

P.S. Happy Birthday mom!  Wish that I could be with you guys tonight, have fun.


  1. This entry is a keeper - "I pick things up and put them down"....priceless. Had a good time last night with the fam, now off to your folks house for a little bathroom remodeling. BTW, your dad said he doesn't know how to post comments on your blog, so with my infinite computer knowledge, I'll show him - don't expect any posts too soon.


  2. Morning! Bathroom is still "in the process" It took Bob and Dad all day Saturday to get the tub area straightened out. (always harder than you think.
    The packages had nothing to do with Christmas - they were "Bundles for Brittan". Glad they made your day. Can't wait till you are home for the holidays.

  3. Maybe you can pour the water from the kettle over the grounds and get brewed coffee