Friday, October 28, 2011

Cork continued

Thursday, October 27 - Cork after nap...

The Fransican Well was gearing up for this weekends Jazz festival.  Good beer (this was my 4th trip back) but not a lot going on (it was early).

However, over at the Bierhaus we found much joy.  70+ beers on tap from all over the globe.

Exotic guest taps with weird names; Ni-V-aa-dah, Ne-vaah-dah?  Beer with hops and a head on it.  This is the first place I've come across with anything American on tap (except Bud and Coors).  Needless to say I was a happy boy.

After watching another couple sneek out to bring back a pizza from the place next door, Gena and I followed suit. Best pizza yet, no joke, frickin' awesome.  That's a Galway Hooker next to it (the beer).

Dinner finished it was mutually agreed that we'd head back to the hotel for the night. 
Until we didn't......
Instead we stopped into the Cork Arms where we discussed politics with the locals (who were suprisingly active politically). 
And then everyone took turns singing to the bar.  It felt like we were in a movie, where people spontaniously break into song?  Seriously, I have a video of it.

And then this happened:  Pub owner, Gena, Prince, Cage Fighter, Plumber (Luigi), Childrens Super Hero, Boris Johnson (mayor of London), Plumber (Mario), friend who couldn't find an outfit he liked and finally blogger.

That was great! That was wonderful! Well it was OK.  It could have been better.  I've seen worse.  That wasn't good.  It was bad.  That was terrible.  It was awful!  Boo, BOO!


  1. Great pictures and commentary. It feels like I'm right there with you. Pizza looked yummy.