Saturday, October 15, 2011

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show

Saturday, October 15th - Stafford

Friday I got home from Sudbury to find my back issues of Dirty Magazine had arrived!  The publisher is also a cracking pinstriper and sign painter. 

Saturday I decided to head off to the Stafford motorcycle show and swap meet.  It was massive!

Do you know what this is?

The Wall of Death used to be a staple at county fairs everywhere.  I feel lucky to have seen it.

No helmet, no gloves, no hands!  With these G-forces the rider wouldn't be able to lift his head wearing a helmet.

Indian scount  roller queen.

Do you know what this is?  This was my first road-legal motorcycle.  I rattle canned mine red and stuck some shitty air cleaner pods on it.  When I lost interest in it we pushed it out to the road.  This one's for sale for £2460.  What was I thinking? 

The Suzy-Q from Newark was there with a stablemate.

A tidy T-140 powered Triton.

and if you read this far, I give you the Demon Drome!

Unfortunately while I was fucking around in the North, Gena was dealing with Max and the vet.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate her dealing with this shit while I'm an ocean away.  This time the result wasn't good and we're both absolutely gutted.  Thank you sweetie.


  1. That xs650 was £2460, that's $3800!

    Big money!

  2. My mistake, must have confused it with the "parts" bike on Gumtree.
    BTW - I thought you'd already spent your allowance in Newark.... :)

  3. So sorry about Max, but you guys have given him a wonderful home for quite a while. Hopefully his former owner will step up - or another family as loving as you and Gena will take this on. Max is an incredible dog, and I pray he finds another home as loving as yours.


  4. I'm sorry sorry about Max. I know how much you guys love him. Unfortunately, the type of injury and the type of dog he is (high energy) don't mix well. Just know that you guys gave him some WONDERFUL times, love and care.
    Love you, Mom