Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sunday, September 11th

10 years ago, we were kicked off of our airplane in Texas due to an "air emergency".  We rented a van and drove 32 hours straight to Reno, while we learned about what did, and did not happen on that day.
That was the last time I drove (or rode) to Reno.
This time around we were meeting my mom and Katina in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Via, the Extraterrestrial Highway (375).

Here's the story problem:
Chris rides a motorcycle that averages between 48 (low) and 56 (high) miles per gallon dependent on elevation (rich/lean mixture) and terrain.  Chris has a 3.2 gallon tank.
On the Extraterrestrial Highway (around 5500 ft.), Chris learns that there is no gas for 150 miles.
Turning around to fill up at the gas station, 3.6 miles away he begins his journey.  Will he make it to the next gas station?

Stopped in the the A'Le'Inn.  This is not Simon Pegg and Nick Frost...

In true fashion, Howard found is weather in the way of rain and cold.

This is where the Morlocks make the clouds.

Story problem answer:  Chris made it to the next gas station, 156.2 miles with 1 pint of gas to spare.  Later, ride leader Howard, will take this as a challenge.  He'll try to see what optimal riding conditions and technique will yield.

Monday, September 12th

Having reached Mammoth Lakes, Ca with a head cold and ears that wouldn't pop, I took the next day off and toured Yosemite in a minivan.

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  1. Wow, incredibly beautiful. You see pictures like this, but must be amazing first hand. Hope to see you when you guys get home.