Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Windy

Monday, September 5th - Marion, KY

Cool start to the morning but at least there's no rain.  Gena told me once, after a ride that my "shirt smells like fresh air". It has the same effect on the rest of you too.

After breakfast at the Waffle House we stopped by Four Rivers Harley in Paduca.  They weren't open which is a shame because they've got a great facility for a party with a huge pavilion and bandstand behind the showroom.  One of the guys at Luke's suggested we stop and I can see why.
Model, actress and sexpot Jerry Ryan is from Paduca (Start Trek's "Seven of Nine").

The weather started to clear out as we moved on towards Missouri.  Starting to really enjoy the ride and the scenery is beautiful.  We weaved back and forth across the Ohio River for an hour or so.

Route 19 in Missouri winds itsself through the forests and hills around the Ozarks Scenic Riverway and Mark Twain National Forest.
Eminence seemed like a good pllace to stop.

It's like they put a sign out for us or something...

After lunch we pushed on towards Jefferson City, MO.  The wind picked up and we got batted around a bit.  Between the wind and the sun, you get dehydrated quickly.

When there are no bars around, you bring your own.

Pull over to the side of the road and have a beer.  As you would in Missouri.

Beer in, beer out.

Onwards towards Jefferson City, MO.  State capitol, home to Jeff City Prison and it's inmate James Earl Ray.

Tomorrow Kansas.  Carry on my wayward son.


  1. James Earl Ray - didn't he play Darth Vadar in Star Wars - okay, I'm not that blonde.


  2. Scenery looks pretty. Hopefully it will just get better from here. Can't wait to meet up with you guys this weekend.