Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Wet

Sunday, September 4th - Alexandria, IN

Not a lot of pictures for this episode because it rained, and rained, and rained.  One of us must have raped a cow in a past life 'cause Karma kicked our asses.  Howard managed to get one pic on the road in between thunderstorms.

Quick stop in for a beer North Vernon, IN.  God Bless Indiana, beer at 11:30 on a Sunday and smoking at the bar.

Shortly there after, time to get the rain gear on.

Howard getting dressed for the weather, in a church parking lot, on a Sunday.... Hurry the f**k up!

"You never see a motorcycle parked in a psychiatrist's parking lot."  At this point, it intimates less that motorcycling is its own therapy, rather that bikers aren't bright enough to know the difference.

Having had enough of the rain we stopped in to Luke's Tavern in Salem, IN for lunch.  By lunch I mean a couple of Miller Lights and some strong arguments against riding in the rain versus waiting here until the owners of these bras come back for them.  Instead, we soldiered on, in the rain...

Onward Christian Soldiers....  It is worth mentioning that the bartender said "Their owners put them up there" and I heard "The owners girls put them up there".  Troubling and awesome at the same time.


Right around this time I lost the headlight and turn signals.  I moved up to the slot position, borrowing Howards headlight in the lead and dad's turn signals in trail.  Absolutely workable at night or in the rain, but not in both.  Long sotry short, we couldn't find a hotel thanks to labor day celebrations, fixed my headlight problem in a parking lot and continued on for another 75 miles.
Bikes hosed, riders soaked, we stopped in Marion, Kentucky.  Absolutely spent, we splurged on Subway (the only thing open besides drinking in the parking lot) and beer from the cooler.


  1. Make sure the guys take some pictures of you too. You do realize all this rain was because of tropical storm "Lee" - I'm just sayin......

    Tell Howard to use that GPS and get you guys in some dry weather.


  2. Thanks Heavens for rain gear and Space Bags! Keeps you guys a little dryer. Hope Tuesday and Wednesday are dryer and warm. You guys deserve some nice weather.
    Love ya - Mom