Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tonapa, Vegas and Arizona.

Monday, September 19th

From Reno we headed South toward Las Vegas.  Not intentionally but it was the direction we wanted to go and we found cheap rooming at the Excalibur.
Once again, in Tonapa we tested the fuel capacity of the Sporty.  At 140 miles I switched to reserve (vs. 130 last time).  I figured that I was now getting 7.9% better gas milage in the flat high elevation of the desert.  Based on our story problem earlier I figured that I was good for 172 miles before empty, Tonopa was 174 miles.  After judicious use of the trottle and occasional drafting behing dad's Softail I coasted to a stop after 171.8 miles.  2.2 from the gas pumps in Tonapa.  Like Mad Max we drained precious petrol from the Softail into a water bottle and soldiered on to the gas station and lunch. 
By lunch I mean 2 beers and a frozen Pizza at the Sportsmens Club.

Heading South we run into a familiar sight, work zones that only stop traffic for 30 minutes or so.  Howard was the only one with the balls to have a beer as the cops passed by (why should they have to wait?).

Back on the road, headed towards Sin City.

Too late to enjoy the sights we arrived with Dad pissing and moaning the whole way.

As it turns out, dad was right.  We spent an extra half hour dodging construction barrels and Hummers before waiting in a half-hour long line to check in (I "watched" the bikes with a beer until they got back).  By the time we checked in there was only enough time for American Choppers and a few beers before bed.

Early the next morning we rolled out towards Winslow, Arizona.

Along the way the Magnificent Hoover Dam.

Where inattentive French tourists rear end stationary motorcycles..... Aside from a bent fender and cracked tailight we were OK.

Once you cross over into Arizona, you'll find that the road is closed and you have to turn around and backtrack to the highway.  While you cross over the dam for the second time, European tourists will take pictures of you.  They'll think you're a Hell's Angel.

Back on the road to a corner in Winslow...

Stopping for lunch and a quick conversation with Gena to let her know that I'm OK (aside from a sore back and other parts from getting knocked onto the tank).  Been a long time since I had a "rupture".

And, another opportunity for Howard to find us some weather, which he did.

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  1. Never thought that there was a place called the "Roadkill Cafe". Yum!!!