Saturday, September 24, 2011

Haulin' Ass

Friday, September 23nd

Last night we rolled into town with dad's bike limping.  One of the shock bolts sheared off and he was riding with half the normal ride height.  The bigger problem was if one bolt sheared off, how long was the other going to last?

Unable to extract the bolt, or lift up the bike to take the swingarm off we stopped into Liberal Harley Davidson and caught their service manager Mike closing down.  "Come back at 9:00 and we'll get you right in".

So we extracted the burro from the pack.  Otherwise known as the missing rider formation....

And left their tech to do his magic.

However, when it came time to re-assemble, some people couldn't stay out of the garage.

Even though it went a lot faster than us trying to fix it in a parking lot, we still lost 4 hours.  So, it was time to get moving.  The great thing about Kansas is that you can haul ass.
BTW - For my friends across the pond, this is why we don't need cars that steer.  We only need hundreds upon hundreds of horsepower to go fast in a straight line.

Soon we were stopped by a homecoming parade.  Time to snap into a Slim Jim and pound a beer in the parking lot....

About an hour later we ran across the Peace Treaty in Medicine Lodge, KS.  The Treaty of Medicine Lodge has been in place for 144 years, between the Apache, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Comanche and Kiowa tribes and the US government.  I wish that we'd been able to see more.

Back on the road, trying to make up time.  Stop to put on warmer gear in Niotaze, KS.

On towards Independence! (Kansas)

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