Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Start

Friday, September 2nd.

My trip started on noon Friday with a flight from London to the states, my first trip back in three months.  On a clear day you can see Cornwall, the tip of the UK.

Almost home, Newfoundland and Labrador.  Wait, what?!  That's snow down there!  I'm not diggin this.

After a quick visit to Foran's for some good ole American corned beef and IPA Gena and I settled in for 4 hours of beauty sleep.  Tomorrow we'd be up early to drive over to Howard's and pack the bike.  Trying to utilize as much of the morning coolness as possible.

Saturday, September 3rd. - South Lyon

Over the past couple of months dad and Howard stole my bike to prep it for this trip.  New air cleaner, fork seals and with some bags mounted it was all ready to go.  It was even washed and polished.  It does not look like that now....
Time to say goodbye to my sweetie for another week and head out.

Dad's Softail (in front) and Howard's Road Glide (behind) had received similar treatment.  You know what they say; "Preparation brings its own luck".

Some unnamed road in Indiana, getting the feel for the loaded bikes beneath us.  Today Northern Indiana would top 102 degrees.  The prescription for the day was a bottle of water every gas stop (100-120 miles) before a beer from Howard's cooler.  It was a scorcher!  We were happy to run into the occasional mist from an irrigation line or lawn sprinkler.

Stopped in Alexandria, IN for dinner.  An then it rained, and rained, and rained.  Fuck did it rain!  Well at least we're getting it out of the way on the first day.  Both statistically and karmically we're better off to have this now.

Soon the sky's re-opened, calling us to continue on....   This folks, is called a "sucker hole".  A bit of good weather that suckers sailors out of port, into the fury of the storm.

About an hour later we rolled into our local roadside motel.  The key here is "good enough".  As in, "I wouldn't drink the water, but it should be good enough to brush your teeth with".

In lieu of water, we'll stick with more beer.  Here's to better weather tomorrow!

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