Thursday, September 22, 2011


Tuesday, September 13th 

I took off early from Mammoth Lakes to see Gena in Reno.  While everyone else took in a second day in Yosemite I had the roads to myself.

Calcium deposits in Mono Lake.

3 hours later, the view from the room looks nice.

Joyous reunion, many beers drunk, etc., etc....

Thursday, September 15th - 49th Reno Air Races. 

Mom, Dad, Howard and Katina met up with us.

Caramel corn anyone?

Crowd favorite Super Unlimited air racer, "September Fury".

Afternoon diversion, race between a jet drag truck and an aerobatic performer.  How many awesome words can you string together?  "Jet drag truck" is like "Star Wars tiger beef jerky"

The view from our box at the West grandstands.

Down toward the East boxes.

Friday, September 15th - Reno

For the second time in 10 years the races were cancelled.  Mechanical failure caused the pilot to lose control of one of the air racers.  This isn't the first crash we've seen but in 48 years this is the first crash that injured spectators.

This photo is a screen capture from the video that's been all over the internet.
The blue carpeting is behind the first row of boxes, the white trash barrel far left is behind our box.  I can make out dad's shirt and Howard's hat. 
Some people didn't make it back to collect their cars from the parking lot.  I believe that a very experienced and brave pilot saved several hundred people fighting with a plane that was uncontrollable.
We were very lucky and very grateful.

Much relieved, we carried on.  Drinking beer and takining pictures in inappropriate places.

Fixing motorcycles in parking lots.

and hanging out at the pool.

Until it was time to say godbye to the girls.

And get on down the road.

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