Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Turn

Saturday, September 24 - Lebanon, MO

Part of the harley experience is stopping by dealerships along the way, having a cup of coffee or bottle of water, maybe picking up a dealer tee.  Ozark Harley Davidson

Check out the new models.  Like this custom factory bobber, yours for only $11,000.

Livin' the lifestyle!  This time it was my turn to use the stop for repairs.  Seems that my bike likes to shed parts too, particularly parts that are buried beneath a lot of other parts.
So I sidelined us for about an hour replacing bolts that hold my exhaust mounts on.

Then it was back on the road.  Given up on sightseeing detours, we're on the highway dodging traffic again.

Saying goodbye to Missouri in Saint Louis.

Onto the corn fields of Illinois. 

Each tank brings us a hundred and ten miles closer to home.  4 tanks left... maybe 5 it we stop for beer and a t-shirt.

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