Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Grey

Wednesday, September 6th - Hutchinson, KS

Last night ended at the best bar in Hutchinson, KS.....  It was everything that you'd expect from a sports bar located at the Ramada Inn conference center in Hutchinson, Kansas.  We should have checked out the 2nd best.

The day started off cool and grey. 

The rest of the day would feel like Groundhog day.  Stop for gas, farmland, pin straight road, threat of rain, promis of sunshine, stop for gas.

Self portrait in the wind farms.

Obligatory stop into Dodge City Harley.  I picked up a cramp buster to aid my crippled wrist and a t-shirt.

Boot Hill, to satisfy dad's need for roadside tourist traps.

Where the hell are they?

Tough search.

I think the fortune telling machine is the oracle of the Ozarks.

Fortune read it was time to get going.  Heading on to Colorado.  Gas, farm, road, rain, sun, gas.

Last leg of the ride and  the sun finally pops out.  Like the hero showing up 15 minutes before the credits.

We stopped for the night in La Junta, CO.  Dad took exception to the "no locals" hotel policy.  "It's unconstitutional, I would sue, and I would win!"  Not that we asked, but the clerk explained that if you're a local and you get in a fight with your wife, the hotels don't want you bringing your fight to their hotel.....  If you caused the hotel to lose guests because of the drama, you'd be liable for the rooms.  She could take you to court and she'd win.
That's why I don't talk to people.....  Unless it's about god, guns or unborn babies!  Ye Ha!


  1. Dad sounded whipped last night. I guess all the fun was too much (gas, grey, straight roads). Was packing and found an air race ticket from 1999 - kind of cool.
    Stay Dry - Mom

  2. I predict that you'll have sunshine and warm weather today - since it's friggin cold and rainy here. Just in time to leave for Mexico - yee haaaaaaaa........