Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Whatever you do, do not mention the War...

We found out as we were checking into the hotel that our hotel was the original filming for Faulty Towers.  My mum in law loves it.  I think I have seen an episode, it is John Cleeves as a hapless hotel clerk or something like that.  The town hates it.  But it was one of the surprising facts about Torquay. 

The other one was way more interesting to me.  This is the city that Agatha Christie was born and raised.  A lot of her stories are based in various local landmarks although she changes the names of places.  I am a huge Christie fan.  I think I picked up my first mystery novel with Hercule Poriot and fell in love with the genre at age 10 or 11.  I have read the entire series but will now endeavor to re-read them now that I have been there.

So, I made Chris take the Agatha Christie walking tour.  It included the Princess Pier from the previous post and various other stops.  I will only include the highlights as I am sure no one cares as much as I did.  Felt like a little kid walking in her footsteps. Definitely a brilliant time.
 The Grand Hotel is where Agatha spent her honeymoon with her first husband who was in the middle of WWI and was home on a short leave.  We had a drink from the outside patio overlooking the gardens until it started to rain.
 The Train Depot where the actors who played Hercule Poriot and Miss Marple met for the first time for the centurian party held in her honor.  The city has an annual festival in her honor and this year they have a scavenger hunt around town based on her books.  Good thing I won't be there, I know I would kick everyone's ass.

We then walked up to the Torquay museum where they have a collection of first prints and pictures about her life.  Strange fact of the day: "And then there were none" had two other titles.  Ten little Indians was the toned down version.  So want to find a first printing of that book.
 Finally after the long walk up a large hill (yes it was uphill both ways and felt like it was covered in snow, my calves got an excellent workout) we had dinner at the Kents where I tried desperately to write this post then.
 We met some great locals, Kevin in the red hat above and James Collins aka John Locke for all you Lost fans.  We talked for a while and had some drinks before having to walk back up the hill (I know I am whining) to call it a night.
 This my friends is Faulty Towers or at least the place they filmed.  It is a nice place but I can't wait to try to find an episode and see if I recognize anything.
 The local newspaper articles complaining about another season of Faulty Towers.  This is immediately when you walk in.
 Maybe you all think I am a little paranoid about driving but seriously this is how narrow the roads are.  You can see around the bend where there is a cutout in the hedges where the side view mirrors cut into them.  I tried to read so I did not freak out.  Alysia might have had a heart attack.
This is how close the other cars are.  It was not even that bad compared to today driving back from Stonehenge to Bath.  I thought I was going to die at least 10 times today.  Had to stop myself from grabbing the arm rest and screaming "MY GRANDMA!!!".  If you don't know that story, ask Chris.
Next post will be lots of Roman Baths, but I am tired of typing and my glass is empty.

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