Friday, August 5, 2011

The Roman Baths

Hello Mates, I haven't been very good about blogging but since I am coming home tomorrow (and am both very very sad and happy to see the pups and everyone) I will now commence to upload the entire week in one evening.  I have a bottle of wine, and BBC TV to keep me company.

So we arrived in Bath on Monday and immediately set out to see the sites.  These pictures do not do the city justice.  It was such a brilliant city in so many ways.  Since Chris already posted on his first trip to Bath, I will include just the pictures that I think were interesting or different from before.

PS none of our hotels had an elevator.  It is certainly one way to get me to pack lighter.  Carrying bags up four flights of stairs is a pain in the arse.
 This is the main intersection just outside our hotel.  The buildings are all so beautiful.

 We hiked up to a local boozer for a pint.  It was quite an uphill journey.
 The view from our hotel room overlooks a park.
 Chris taking my picture as I review the guidebook to plan our afternoon.  Our hotel was located right next to a pub.  Very convenient.
 As we were walking to our car, these two hot air ballons flew over.

 Julius Ceasar's statue in the Roman Baths
 Some other important guy, its been four days and I think that I have taken in too much history to remember it all.
 The view of the abbey from the second story of the Bath
 Chris being bull headed
 The actual bath, you could not pay me enough money to dip my toe in the water but it's stillness did allow for a great reflection picture.
 I loved the reflection of the Abbey on the water.
Another view of the Abbey.
So in the morning we walked through the historic baths and then thru town.  We noticed an advertisement for Bizarre Bath walking tour that starts at 8pm every night.  When the guide collected our fee, Chris tried to give him a tip.  He said we should wait until the end to see if it was worth it.  We kept our 4 pounds. 

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