Friday, August 5, 2011

My final guest blog

Tomorrow I leave and I am feeling very sad so instead of posting the pics from our brilliant trip to Stonehenge and the Great British Beer Festival, I decided to post pics of my love and myself.  I cannot tell you how amazing it was to spend two weeks with Chris. I have had the most relaxing and fun vacation ever.  Til next time love.

 Happy Anniversary.

 At the Baths

 Sitting in the King's chair at Stonehenge. Very fitting.
 At Earls for a drink
 Horrible self portrait but what can I say???
 Our new friends in Bath
 The Great Britain Beer Festival.
So as I head out tomorrow I have lovely memories of the people that I have met and the beautiful places I have been.  What has been even more brilliant was spending two weeks with my love.  Til September.

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  1. Looks wonderful. And soon Chris will be home for a US adventure. Keep in mind you guys could well look back on this as a wonderful adventure and a great time in your lives even though you have to spend time apart.