Sunday, August 14, 2011

Job well done. Time to relax with an Old Speckled Hen!

This week was a good productive week.
Sunday I did som shopping and then popped down to the local pub for Sunday roast.
Damn, "I missed it by that much".

On the way home stopped by the local boozer for a pint.  300 yards South of the house, behind the boozer is the Fenny locks.  The locks control 12 inches of head waters from the river below.

All of the canal boats carry a key to the locks.  They dock, hop out, open one lock, swing the bridge and then pull up to the next.  Close the lock, swing the bridge again, and open the second lock.  Pull through, dock, close the lock and pull away.  It only takes them about 10 minutes to traverse the whole thing.

Downstream lock open and the bridge swung out of the way.

After a fantastic week off (see guest blogger) Monday was a bitch.  I woke up to find that my new GPS was stolen out of the car, in my driveway.  Saturday, after I dropped Gena off at the airport I parked the car and didn't plan on driving anywhere for the rest of the weekend.  Saturday afternoon I realized that I had left my cell phones in the car and went out to retrieve them.  Obviously I forgot to lock the car.  Fuck, you fucking fucker!  My fault..... but I had to buy a road atlas to navigate the 90-odd miles to Sudbury that morning.
However, everything at work was in better shape than when I left.  Further good news was given on Wednesday when we got the OK to hire our new AMP (he starts on Monday)  which will free me from the weekly travel to Sudbury (not that it's withouts its own perks).
Sadly, Friday I was summoned to the office to turn in my beloved beemer.  With 46,XXX miles it was in need of new brakes and a new owner.

The new hotness!  Yeah, it's a station wagon (or as I prefer an estate car), but it's fun.  probably more fun to drive than the beemer due mostly to the beemers terrible turbo lag.

Saturday I weeded and cut the lawn and bought some plants to replace the dead annuals left by 2-months of itinerant caretakers. 
See the lawn?  There it is, in the lower left.  That little green square, right down there!  Afterwards I rewarded my hard work with a trip to the Shuttleworth evening airshow.  To be honest, there is a second similarly sized patch on the other side of the walkway, and another larger patch (barely larger) in the front yard.

There were some cool things in the parking lot.

Very cool things.

Today, I spent 5 hours replacing dead plants, gardening, etc.  Say what you want, but it's relaxing and it reminds me of home.
Upper left - I planted a purple (Chinese) Wisteria in front of the conservatory like the one Gena planted at home.

Now it's time for my beer, and then maybe a run down to the pub for Sunday roast.  Ta!

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  1. I think you meant Bimmer.