Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fenny Poppwer Festival

1:45 - Sunday
Today's shaping up to be a good day. 
First, Wayne and Jim are coming to visit Tuesday.  We have a strategy meeting Wednesday, the second half of which will take place at "Casa Brewer".  So I did some shopping this morning for essentials.  and by essentials I mean snacks and mixers to go with the Gin, Vodka and Whiskey I picked up earlier.

On the way back I noticed that Aylesbury street was closed off for a street fair.  Turns out that it's the famous Fenny Popper festival, about 2 blocks from my house!
What's a Fenny Popper?  It's one of 6 "ceremonial cannons" that look like a giant coffee mug.  They pack each with 1oz of Pyrodex and fire them off at 2 o'clock.  They claim that you can hear them a town away, should be pretty loud only 2 blocks away at the house.

The street was blocked off for the fair, with rides for the kids, "artisan" and "craft" booths.  I'm using a lot of quotes because by "artisan" and "craft" they mean garage sale and holistic/herbal/nonsense crap.

At least they have Stormtroppers.  If I ever popped the $400 for a custom fit Stormtrooper outfit (and I've thought about it) I'd wear it everywhere.  Renaissance festival? Suck it.  Bike show? You know it!  Home Depot? Get some!

UK superhero "Health and Safety Man"!  He hears a helmet all day just in case a brick falls from a building.
Actually, he's the mascot for the flying ambulance service.
I will post soon about the plague of health and safety that grips this country.  In fact you can see the guy behind him in a hi-vis vest, just in case a car can't see him on the sidewalk, in the bright sunshine, on a street that's closed off to cars.  Just in case.
In proofreading, I noticed that it's much better to misspell country with only an "O" than with only a "U".

This kid, Bailey McConnell (Doc Bailey?), knocked it out of the park.  He brought the crowd to a dead stop when he started singing "Someone Like You".  He followed it up with "Your Song" and finshied them off with "Hallelujah".  While no Leonard Cohen, he was impressive.  Let's see what 30 years of smoking and drinking will bring.

The crowd.

The MK cheer squad wasn't nearly as impressed.  BTW - Ladies, it's probably not a good idea to buy yourself a cheer outfit when your little girl takes it up.  Particularly if you can't fit into the one you had in high school any longer.  I know, husbands may disagree (liars), but I'll stand behind my opinion.  Don't worry though, he can't fit into his varsity jacket either.  Enjoy yourself for who you are now.

The sun poked out behind St. Martins Cathedral.

It just dawned on me that when one of the poppers exploded in 1858, it took out the roof of the Bull and Butcher, two blocks away.  About the same distance away as I am now, sitting in the conservatory, under a great big glass roof. 
Lets do some quick math; First fired in 1740, exploded in 1858, 118 years.  Recast in 1859, today is 2011, 152 years.  Mean Time To Failure cannot be calculated due to small sample size.  I'm sure it's fine.

2:15 - Sunday
Well, that was a dissapointment.  I've heard louder gunshots.  Luckily the air ambulance was on patrol, just in case my sunroom was caved in by an exploding coffee mug.  I wonder how they all fit in there with those giant helmets....?

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