Monday, August 1, 2011

English Riveria Day 1

We set out on our holiday to Teignmouth (tinmuth) and Torquay.  It is called the English Riveria and reminds me a lot of St. Thomas and the virgin islands.  Lots of houses built into the mountain side. 

I am sure that a lot of people will ask me if anything is different over here.  Two things jump out.  First, they have two spouts on their sinks so if you try to wash your face fill your hands first with cold and then the scalding hot.  Otherwise as I have decided a cold face wash helps get the day started. 
The second thing is that I have started to think in English cadence.  The put a different emphasis on their words making much seem like a question.  However if you don't process this way, you have no idea what the buggers are saying.  That said, onto our holiday.
 Driving into Torquay just a beautiful view of the bay out in the distance.
 There was a carnival in Teignmouth.  As we walked up the band started playing Rush, it was just like the Stars and Stripes at home.
 The main downtown area is just beautiful.
 The pier is an old fashioned arcade for the tots.  We walked thru hoping for a beer stand but no go.
 This is the view from the pier with the beautiful church in the background.
 Lawn bowling on the pier.  Hoping my grass is this green when I get home as I hear it is still a 1000 degrees in Michigan.
 Any of our latin speaking friends, please translate.  This was the entrance to a private house.
 Fucking French
 We popped into the Quay Brewery which didn't brew beer and met the locals.  Just in case you were wondering what our friend was dancing to, it was Hanson...yep Hanson.
 Our new friends.  We would run into them later where one tried to sell me a wooden bell for $60.  I politely declined
 My new favorite dress.  Showing off my new tattoo.
 Second stop was to Ye Olde Jolly Sailor.  Nice little outside place.  Lovely to see everyone stopping by with their pups.  Much better behaved than our babies.
 Dive launch outside the Jolly Sailor
 At the carnival after meeting up with Chris's coworker and his friends.  We had such a brilliant time with all of them.  They were all nice, until we got on the dodge ems.  Then they showed their real colors and ran me into the corner a couple of times.
 Yes it does.
 No drinking or anti-social behavior.  Don't they know I am very social but usually when I am drinking???
Last stop of the night having a relaxing conversation with our new English friends.  Hope to see them soon.  We then shared a cab back to the other side of the bay and looked forward to the following day wandering Torquay. Little did I know it was a quick walk down and a very long long long walk up the mountain to get back to the hotel.
Til the next post


  1. It all looks AMAZING!!! Hope you enjoy every second of it!

  2. Looks like a wonderful time! Keep the photos and dialog coming - particularly the photos of you and Chris!