Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our London House

Friday we moved our stuff into our new lovely house.  Everything is a 1 million times improvement over the apartment.  We found a lovely pub for a pint the first night, The Red Lion, just a short walk up the road and it has a beautiful view of the canal.  We did have a slight miscommunication when Chris tried to leave a tip and the bar keep loudly explained that in the UK you do not tip for just drinks.  That will certainly save a pound or two...
 Our Kitchen.  Haven't cooked in it yet, but I cannot wait to have a homecooked meal.  Everything is behind the cabinets, you have to look for the refrigerator and washer and dryer.  It all blends in.  Can you pick out which cabinet is the dishwasher? It takes me a few minutes to figure out where the fridge is everytime.

 The conservatory.  I just like saying that.  My favorite spot by far with a glass of wine and a good book
 The Living room just off the patio.  Beautiful views. The house is decorated very modern.  Not necessarily our taste but it works with the house and is a nice change from our style.
 The patio.  There are about 3 different  levels to the patio and various sitting areas to watch the boats go by.
 The Dining Room
 Staircase to the upstairs.  The realtor met us there and then made us sign for 12 different keys, that was not a typo 12 different keys for various entrances, patio doors, window and such.  We will have to invest in a super large key change for Chris to keep them all.
 The upstairs hallway with a bedroom off to the left.
 Bedroom 1,  It is surprising how well they use the space given.  Very nice storage in every room.
 This is the wardrobe and closet for that room.  Like I said, they really use the space well (even though it all looks like IKEA)
 The office with a pull out sofabed.
 Chris's desk.  The owner left her printer.  It looks like she just packed all her clothes and flew off to Australia.  Thank you.
 Third bedroom for guests to stay. 
 Full bath upstairs.  We had to figure out how to turn on the hot water.  I got to take an ice bath while Chris figured it out, just in time for Chris to have a nice warm shower.  Figures.
 The master suite. 
Lots of closet space for Chris to spread out in.  Of course he was already planning on which one would hold his jeans, then color coding his work pants and seperating his work shirts by color and sleeve length.

I love the house and feel sad that I won't be spending much time there.  Hopefully I will be able to come back and enjoy it in October.  That said, I am so relieved it worked out for Chris.  Now anyone who is looking for a vacation place (you know who I am talking too:-)) can just spend the money on a plane ticket and have a lovely place to stay.  I know Chris hopes to see you all soon.

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