Saturday, July 30, 2011

No time to say hello goodbye

I'm late! I'm Late, I'm late.  We're supposed to be driving down to the (an) ancestral village of Torquay.  Last night we moved in, Gena has pictures, she'll upload them this weekend.  Until then here are the Realtors photo's, and a kitten that looks like Hitler.


  1. Does the kitten come with the house? It looks incredible. You'll need to make friends with whoever owns the boat!

  2. The kitten was my wallpaper for a while until I had to give a presentation.
    BTW - I know that the comments box is a pain in the ass to use. That's what you get for free.
    Thanks for putting up with it and posting.

  3. The house is stunning! I can totally picture you saying "Here is the house....and a cat that looks like Hitler." lol