Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Lovely Town of Sudbury

Hello everyone, I am a bit late in my guest blogging.  Too busy enjoying my holiday and lots of reading.  I have read 5 books so far.  (And found some great local pubs for an afternoon or morning pint).

On the first Sunday after I arrived we packed up to spend the week in Sudbury for Chris to work.  It was a great drive, reminding me of going up north although the roads are very very narrow.  We checked into the Mill Hotel which has a fantastic view of the water meadows.  Chris has mentioned this in previous posts, I did not understand the pure beauty of it until I witnessed it myself.  It is so peaceful. 

 Walking home from an afternoon pint, some of the local cows were grazing in the front of the hotel.  She didn't even mind when I snapped a photo of her.  I did not try to pet her although I am sure Chris would have if he was there.

 On our anniversary, we went to a nice local pub The Henny Swan.  The bar owns the park across the street.
 Happy Anniversary! 
 I have another better picture, but this just shows how serious they take their old people. 
My favorite pub in Sudbury.  The owners were very nice and gave me a solid recommendation for a tattoo parlor.  We played Quiz night here on Tuesday.  We won a prize of sweets...the booby prize, we did not represent the US very well.
On Friday we were looking forward to an early evening at the apartment.  It is a 2 hour drive back to Milton Keynes.  Of course this is when they call to say Chris was able to move into the house he has been coveting.  So off to the realtor and then the house and then back to the aparment to pack up everything.  Two trips later we unpacked and went in search of some food.  Side note:  chinese food does not come with rice unless you ask.  Next post will feature what Chris calls "our London house".

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