Saturday, July 9, 2011

Duxford Legends Airshow

There isn't much need for a long narrative.  I took 185 pictures, 6 or 7 videos, here are some.

Ok I give a little.  This airplane was originally rebuilt by Lefty Gardner who was a founder of the Confederate Air Force (CAF).  He campaigned it for 35 years at airshows and raced it at Reno as "White Lightning" all on a shoestring budget.  It crashed into a Texas field several years ago.  In failing health and without the means to rebuild it properly, the Gardner family sold it to Red Bull.  Nelson Ezell from Breckenridge, TX remanufactured it to its current glorious condition.  It was sad to see it leave the US for Salzburgh, Austria (Red Bull Hanger 7) but you cannot complain about her caretakers....



  1. Okay, I'm trying this again - very cool planes - makes it look like you're back at the big one.

  2. It worked - btw it's Deb.