Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brooklands Speedway Museum

Crap day out today, 61 and rain.  Figured I'd go check out a museum.  Brooklands Museum is located within the clubhouse, garages and hangars at the old Brooklands raceway.
If I ever have some property with outbuildings it will look like these.

The dashplaque on a racing Bently sums it up nicely with a quote from Lord Byron:
"There are forms, which time adorns, not wears
and to which
beauty obstinately clings"

Napier Lion......

For Billy Whiz.

For Roy, a 240mph fixie! (on rollers)

This Jap powered racing Morgan caught my eye.  Dual Amal carbs and check out the radiator vent!

The Rudge Appreciation Society rode out.

Next weekend is a vintage car auction.  They wou;dn't let my kind in while they were setting up.

One of the Monkees GTO's was there, as was a GT 500, GT 350, Sunbeam Alpine and a couple of AC Cobra's (not replica's).

Vickers Vimy replica, that recreated the trans Atlantic crossing, England to South Africa, and England to Austrailia flights.

Sopwith Camel.


Hawker Fury (replica).

The "Members Bank", one of the remaining sections of track is also the most steeply banked.  Around this time the skies opened up and I got drenched.

On the way out you pass next to the Mercedes World Test Track.  A number of Merc's were out on the drag strip, skid pad and closed course.  This guy was getting staged as I pulled by.  I would have lost, but it would have been a lot of fun to race him.....

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