Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cycles South Thursday suprise

THIS Detroit decided that this was the morning to run Cycles South. record, Record, RECORD!
3 guys ride from Denver to Panama on BSA's in 1971.  As a huge fan of Warren Miller's adventure documentaries, this is right in my wheel-house.
Not available on DVD, an original VHS goes for 200 bucks!  A copy runs $20 but who has a vcr (right over there next to my laserdisk, betamax and real to real players).  You can rent it on Netflix (or so I am told, I'm a late adopter of technology... I haven't begin streaming movies off of the intewebs), but I don't know whether they (Netflix) blur out the boobs in the on-demand version....

I don't plan to go anywhere soon.......

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