Sunday, May 15, 2011

So, LAST weekend was nice....

Saturday, 5/7, 8:00 a.m.

Met up with dad, Howard Katina and Jeff for breakfast at Stingers before a ride out to Mason.  Dad's 24 year old Softail is looking sharp.

14 bikes, 3 Sporty's, 24 saddle bags and 13 windshields.

Kickstands up with Howard and Jeff.

Lot of Evo's and 1 Victory in downtown Mason.

Act natural...

In Hell, this gent stopped by with his '25 'A Roadster.

I bet even in '25 AAA sucked.

Thursday, 5/12

After a trip to Battle Creek I rode back out to Stingers to meet up with dad, Howard and Katina.  The new air ride sprung a leak and now dads softail had that hip, no-suspension look goin on in the back.  Cutting in to beer time at the bar.

On the upside, we installed a kegerator in Howard's garage so all was not lost. 

2 lines failed and the rear end dropped down on the stops. 

"Picture Of The Artist on the Ground".  It never fails, the only way to reach that nut, is to spend half an hour in some uncomfortable position on the garage floor.  (that sounds bad)

With everything patched up, ready to head out I though that the softail's headlamp illuminated my coil relocation nicely.....

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