Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hammers In Hand

The night before ended at 3:30 this morning with my buddy coming back downstairs; "you know that carboard box in you guest room that I threw up in?  It leaks".
At 7:00 a.m. (Sportster) Paul and Nick arrived at the house followed shortly by Randy for some coffee and then the ride over to Howards where dad and the Softail were in triage for the air ride (again).
As we crested Woodward at the service drive a wraith-like image appeared in our rear views, we'd been joined by Sprink on his hot-rod Sporty.

Cats hearded, everyone desends upon Stinger's for breakfast.

Softail, 3 Sporty "R"'s, Dyna, 2 Glides and another Softail.

Randy, Howard (Merlin) and Richard (Old School) leading us up M-52 towards Owosso.

 Followed by (L to R) Paul, Jeff (Buzzard), Greg (Sprink) and Nick.

Arrived at Hammers In Hand in St. Johns (North of Lansing)...
Check out the split gas / oil tank and girder.

Chock full of porthole goodness.

Glenn (Wiley's) chrome Pan one an award.  Not sure which one because we weren't paying attention, but one of them.

Chrome won't get you home, but it might get you blown
A stunning Shovel rolled up as we were getting ready to take off.  Check out the crazy bends on the rear pipe, trying to get close to equal length.

Twisted, sculpted downtube and another split gas / oil tank.

Them's some crazy pipes.

You do not want the things behind that porthole to get out!

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