Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Scope Creep

Back home, Mount Clemens
3-weeks home and I'm still getting settled.  One priority is to get the bike ready for riding weather.  At the end of last year I noticed the rear wheel "hopping" while on the dyno.  Time for some new tires.
So, I jack the bike up, loosen the front wheel and one of the spacers falls out in 5 pieces.... weird, wonder why that happened?

UPPER LEFT - Left side wheel spacer in pieces.
That doesn't look right!  It took me a couple of minutes to recognize what I was looking at.  What you see is the stock 3/4" axle for a Sporty, rattling around in a 1" bearing.  When the bike was purchased new, the dealer swapped the mag wheels for the spoked wheels you see above.  For 12,000 miles it's been riding around on the wrong bearings.
Initally I was relieved that I understood the problem and that I wasn't missing some strange spacer.  It took a day for the gravity of the situation to sink in.  Someone put this wheel on, knew the bearings were wrong and sent it out on the road anyway.  The reason that the spacer broke was because this same jackass torqued the hell out of the axle nut to keep everything in place.

If the axle nut loosened (and everything on the Harley gets loose eventually) the wheel would have come to an abrupt halt, regardless of whether I was idling in traffic or carving at 90!  The results would have been bad, either way.

I sent these pics to the shop manager at the dealership as an FYI.  He aknowleged what a major f'up this was and offered to pay for my parts and labor since I'd already ordered some.  I though that was a stand up response.

So while the wheels were out for truing and balancing I figured it was a good time to check items off of the to-do list.  
  • Replace the brake lines w/stainless
  • Clean up / shave / smooth / polish the fork lowers
  • Polish / paint the rotor
  • Relocate the rear brake M/C resevoir

This is how small projects turn into big projects.

The wheels are back with sticky new rubber.

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  1. That is F'ed man... I can't believe it.

    I'm glad to hear that the dealership is going to step up. let them!