Thursday, February 10, 2011

Priory House and Oriental Brew House

There isn't a lot to say, or is there?
Priory House and Oriental Brew House sounded promising for a B&B halfway between where I was and were I needed to be. 
Caroline answered the door; 5'2", purple and blonde hair, dressed in a Stevie Nicks silk frock.  Somehow I think that Gena would really like her.

Inside, Flapper's guarded the door.
This place is different.

I'll just get settled into the room. 
Sometime's it's good to be color-blind.  I'm not sure whether Gena would love it or hate it.  I think that her mom would probably love the black laquered furnishings.
Check out my uber-efficient Dopp kit on the bathroom door, thanks to a tip from jeff (Pudgy Panda).

Kind of like living in a doll-house with the bright colors, black laquer and toile.  Yep, time to turn in the man-card, Toile is a part of my vocabulary.

Right outside of my room, a seance table.  No, I'm not kidding, that's what it's there for.
Caroline and I had a little chat while I got settled.  She figured it'd be nice if after dinner, we went down to visit her neighbor that doesn't get out much.  "Why not, it'll be an experience"?
On the way out the door Caroline asked if I could pick up a bottle of white wine for the visit.  Roger advised that a hangover from tonight is real possibility. (If that's the worst of the night then I'm OK with it).  A lot like being at home!

So, after settling in, I figured I'd pop down to the pub for a pint and a bite. 

The Wheatsheaf caught my eye on the way in with a big CAMRA banner advertising "Real Ales".

Every week, when they clear the lines, all pints on the counter are £1.50.  "I don't know if I can drink them all but lets give it a go." 
To be honest, I had 2 pints, a cup of minestrone soup and a ham and cheese toastie. 
Art, a local dropped by, spinning drunk at 6:30 p.m.
Gerta (not really Gerta but you wouldn't know the difference); "Art, have you been at the booze all day/"
Art, "yeah".
Gerta, "well the cider's £1.50 when we clear the lines".
Art, "ok" (spends next 10 minutes fishing £1.50 out of his pocket).

Back to the Priory, snapped a pic of Lady Marmalade on my way to the Kitchen to fetch Caroline.

Mrs. Antionette with the lead pipe in the conservatory.... 
As it turned out, the neighbors daughter was ill and we never made it down there.  Instead Roger, Caroline and I sat around the kitchen drinking wine and talking.  Starting with the Pinio Grigio from the Wheatsheaf (a bargian at £10 out the door), ending with the fruit wine they make themselves.

"Be polite, take one piece of candy and don't stare"...

I think that this might be the dancing baby from Ally McBeale.

Grape Ape....

I'm poking fun at the excentric decorations (some say hoarders) but it was awesome.  We stayed up until 1:00 a.m. watching Mad Men and drinking wine (also, a lot like home).   The shabby-chic decor doesn't appeal to everyone but I enjoyed it.  The room was huge by UK standards and the bed was a King with a firm matress, quilt and comforter.  What more do you need? 
I'll go back if I have the opportunity (Caroline want's me to bring Gea for a visit).  Check out their website. 

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