Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life On Fast Forward

OK, so this is where it gets weird.....
No, I didn't do a weekend update.  Not that I didn't have a good time, I did.  But I'm pressed for time right now.
Here's what's transpired.  I'm back on tour, relieved of my duties in Cambridgeshire but also "turned out" in a sense.  With limited days left I'm off visit every site in the UK and the Irish Isle's are back on.  So, the unit of measurement's just changed from weeks to hours.  I woke up in Bath yesterday morning, drove 3 hours to MK and am now in Cardiff again (West of Bath).
15 Customer sites in 15 work days.  Good and bad, I get to see Ireland but I also don't have much time with each site.  The term "seagull manager" comes to mind.  It also means that I have to start taking laundry turnaround time and store working hours into account.  Little margin for error.  As of this night, 3 sites have already been completed (aren't I efficient?).  I also get to be a "Bob".  Not the Margarita swilling, boat driving Bob, the "tell me what you do in an average day" kind of Bob. (from Office Space)

Look mom, horsies!  I see them all over the place and always think; "I need to get a picture of that horse (sheep, pony, ox, ram, Coelacanth, etc.) for my mom but never do.  So I risked life and limb driving to Cardiff this morning.  There you are mom, I'll try to get 1 or 2 more.

So finally, I'm back in Cardiff, which started off this adventure just 2 short months ago (Lord of the Manor, Dec. 2).  Back in the City Arms, where the publican (great word) strong armed my inebriated ass over to the next bar (didn't I tell you that story?).  Seems a balanced turn when the story's about to get absolutely frantic.

Bottom line.  I had a great time in Bath, will post shortly but will never convey the experience.  This week will take me from London, to Cardiff, to Manchester and finally to Edinburgh (Scotland).  The following week will bring me back down to London, and finally Ireland.  The third week will bring me back, North of London and finally home.  I can't wait, but it's a long way to get there. 

Now, I'm off to dinner, ta!

Ok, here's full circle (and stop) before the big diversion gets underway.  Cardiff tonight (it's raining), and on Dec. 2nd.

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