Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello Ireland!

Encouraging event of the day.  My flight landed, at the airport.  Aer Lingus just sounds funny.  Lingus, like Colonel Lingus... "Call me by my first name, Anal"

Non-event of the day.  My VW has big dent in it, but it was noted on the rental inspection form.  Seems like a wasted opportunity though.  If it's already dented, could I pick off a jaywalker on the left without evidence?

Downtown Cork just changed most of the streets to 1-way.  You know who isn't aware of this?  Tom-Tom!  He's a fucking idiot who caused me to drive around for half an hour trying to get to the hotel. 
Once there I snapped a pic of the river Lee outside of the hotel.

Time to see the town!  Just 7 or 8 blocks from the hotel is a micro-brewery in an old monestary.  How cool is that?  (Just now, it starts pissing rain.  Wanna guess where my 29, St Andrews umbrella is?  That's right!  It's nice and dry in the car, parked at heathrow!)

Inside is an inordinte amount of Russian immigrants, mostly college students or domestic help. 
For me it's a Phuca, winter ale.  Heavy on the cloves....

The beer garden out back is a fantastic rambling collection of courtyards and alcoves hidden under canvas canopies.  Last weekend was their "experimental" Real Ale festival.  (Real Ales aren't popular in the South, only in Northern Ireland and the UK).  They sold out each night.

Wish I'd come one day earlier.
I'm reading "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". 
Kind of interesting to read about Kent and the "priori sense" (concept) in a (former) Carmelite monastary.   e.g. Priori, things you know to be true vs. posteriori, things you know from experience.  Priory, house of monks or nuns under a Prior who is obedient to a superior (abbey or order).
The last priory house I stayed in had little to do with monks or nuns...

On the bartenders recommendation I checked out Bodega for dinner.
Little did I realize it was Valentine's Day.  Table for one please.

Nice place though. 

Pea and mint soup followed by the chef's selection of smoked and cured meats, olives and crusty bread.

Goodnight Cork city.

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