Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bath, day one

Castle Combe in Wiltshire, on the way to Avebury.  This house was Dr. Doolittle's house, occupied by "Sexy Rex" Harrison.  Some parts of the movie were filmed here.  "I can talk to the animals..."

 In Castle Combe a Roman pack bridge that's haunted by a Roman Centurion. 

Climbing up on Silbury Hill....   Yeah, I know it's "Solsbury Hill" and that the song's about him leaving Genesis and struggling to figure out what to do with the rest of his life.  Fuck you Peter Gabriel, who do you think you are, Paul Simon?  Phil and the guys don't need your ass!
It didn't stop me from humming Solsbury Hill the entire time I was at Silbury Hill, the largest man made object in Medieval Europe.  On the way to Avebury.

Get off of your phone and pay attention!  Love to hear the story behind this wreck.  Interesting that they left the car but took the tires.  I suppose it doesn't bode well for the driver if the cars still there and it's been ransacked.

Avebury is the largest stone circle in the world.  There's actually 3 circles; a male and female circle within and a large circle that surrounds the city (actually, the city was built within the circle, not the other way around). 
It's supposed to be an energy source and to influence fertility.  I watched a guide demonstrate the "powers" with dowsing rods.  I think that angular momentum and subconscious muscle twitch probably has more to do with the pointing than energies from the mother stones......

In Lackock (film site for some of Harry Potter) I present Daylight Robbery!  In the 18th and 19th centuries a "window tax" was levied on homes and businesses to increase revenue from the rich who paid the same flat-tax as the poor.  Claimed to be the source of the term "daylight robbery".
I have a picture of the HP cottage!  And a purple door that he walked past with Dumbledorf, or a Mork from Ork....

Stonehenge.  It's a bunch of rocks in a field (new age pagans not withstanding).
I can see how it could be impressive if you could get close and walk around it.  Unfortunately, it's roped off and you can't get very close.  To add insult to injury, the "walk" takes you quite a ways away from it on the back side.  The cynic in me thinks that it's intended to prolong the walk to 20 minutes so that you feel like you got more for your 7 pounds.  If the rope wasn't there it would take 5 minutes to see it.  (Look kids, the Grand Canyon...back in the car.)
If evidenced by nothing other than the unemployed, unhealthy and unhappy looking crystal wearers walking around, I don't believe.

Aren't these the stairs the priest fell down (in the Exorcist)?  For some reason I have a reoccurring thought of slipping on my way up slippery stairs and hitting my teeth on the stone step.  "The Secret" readers would be worried.  I figure it probably has to do with a Super Ego glitch involving vanity.
Found in Bath, walking from a hippy bar to a "Gentleman's Beer Bar".  "No music, televisions or video games to distract from the practice of beer drinking and conversation".  I like it.

Walking back from the Gentleman's Beer Bar (The Star Inn) I stopped to talk to Gena and took a picture of Broad St.

Not to ignore the all important dinner pic.  Parma Ham and Rocket salad pizza at La Tasca.  Yeah, I'm drinking a Rioja, not ale.  But I am reading about beer, and Frankenstein!

Sunday was much more fun with a punk bar, Roman Baths and the closet I lived in (thanks Jim).

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  1. I love stonehenge... that's super cool. Broad street looks cool and reminds me of out east and how the house faces are right on top of the street curb.

    Your pizza looks horrible and that car reminds me of something on the side of I-75 in Detroit.