Sunday, January 9, 2011

You guys can post comments anytime....  Chris (Gasman) is the only consistant poster and he's just tryin' to see some nipples.

Leaving the museum heading North towards a brewery.
Wait a minute!  This guy whips in front of me and lights up the sign in the back "DO NOT PASS".  WTF does that mean?!

A little relieved when it became apparent that it applied to the other drivers as well.

A queue (line) started to form behind me.  The young punk in the car behind started throwing his hands up when I took this picture.
I always think of my buddy Chris when someone expresses their displeasure with me in traffic.  At 6'10" (?) he followed a guy who flipped him off to a parking lot.  Once there the 5' 10", 17-year old got out of his car an sheepishly hustled into Best Buy (in his blue shirt and khaki's).  Pretty macho when you're in the car....

They fucking stopped traffic, (the whole expressway) so we could watch guys slowly fill in a pot hole with coldpatch.  It's a good thing that guns are outlawed here...
Guy's, that's my exit, right there, on the left.... Any chance I could sneak by?

I did eventually make it to Church End, Ansley to the brewery.

Here we go, if it's good enough for some dude on a vrod it's good enough for me.  He was joined later by an R100 beemer.

As a member of CAMRA they're proud of English ales on beer pumps.  1 dark beer and 3 bitters on cask.  Dog's and women allowed, children are strictly prohibited.  I watched as a local couple were turned away because they had their kids with them! 
Now I know why the group of delinquents were playing outside on the lawn.    Mom, dad and the dog were inside for some peace and quiet!

No kitchen but snacks; pork cracklin's, crisps, biscuits, pretzels, etc.  I went with a local (Derby) sage cheddar and some crackers. 
The local's were talking about being thrown out of a local bar owned by James May (Top Gear presenter).  "Guy needs a fuckin' haircut is what I says".  I'll look for the Griffin later.


  1. Damn right I keep posting. I told you I was going to. And what nipples? WHERE?

    What an a-hole that cop is! Did you at least contemplate passing him?

    Nice vrod. Why were the locals kicked from james may's pub?

  2. Oh and I can't see the picture off the PC. It doesn't enlarge. What is it?

  3. I have been very hesitant lately to follow tough guys into parking lots. With all these a-holes having CWP'S not really worth getting shot. Plus it always happens now when I have all three kids in the car. Swearing is bad enough when they are in the car, not really sure beating someone's ass in front of them would get the wife's approval