Sunday, January 9, 2011

Twisted Steel And Sex Appeal

The Heritage Motor Center, next to Jaguar / Land Rover Gaydon.

Consider for a moment the travesty in the parking lot.  Neutered, souless, safe, fuel efficient econo-boxes.  There aren't enough adjectives to describe my lack of enthusiasm for these death traps.  Even the colors reflect a car designers lack of will to live.  A function of evolution vs. revolution; they're continually refined based on focus groups, the result efficiently shuttling your screaming brats to school and your portly wife to Starbucks.

If you said Grand Prix when I was 8, this is the car that would pop into my young brain.  I had an RC version that would turn left when you backed up.
I always though it was the Porsche that Lee Majors drove in "the Chase", a shitty post-apocolypse movie with Burgess Meridith chasing him around the country in an F-86 (F-86's are covered 3 posts back).

 Bond's DB9, the machine guns look pretty sketchy.

Riddled with bullet holes after the chase scene.

Interesting cockpit lay out with manual rear brakes.  There's another parking brake lever next to the drivers right thigh.

Gena's new favorite car, Twiggy's Mini.  Squeeky, Sneezy, Bashful, Dopey and Doc did not have cars represented.

One of the greatest marques in motorcycle history on one of the ugliest motorcycles ever.  Behold the Norton rotary, police cruiser.

Borrowed from the Mad Max film set.

The E-Type never fails to impress.

Real men drove these cars.  Enough gauges to monitor all of the vital systems, hand pump fire extiguisher, pedals and no more, including floor boards!

I took an off road excursion in a Land Rover Discovery.

The VW Thing will do 40 degree inclines.

It will not however, do 20 degrees of lean angle with 2 wheels off of the ground.

The leather apolstered arm rest is supprisingly comfortable when your ass is on it.

At this point the driver tells us that the body stiffness allows the door seals to seal even when they're underwater.  The couple in the back pipes up that "they" own a Land Rover Defender.  "You can usually see light through the door seals on the Defender.  We say it's to let the water out"
Finally a smattering of MG's:

The famous "Blower" Bentley (Jay Leno has one).

The equally famous Lotus 7.

Just like I like my women; round, laquered and black....  (you know better sweetie)


  1. First off, the first blue car in the parking lot pic is a newer focus and they make an awesome RT (I think) version. I wish they offered all the performance angled smaller cars over here. They simply don't.

    So you took the LandRover for an off road test drive? I'm so jealous!

  2. The blue car is the POS that Gena and I drove all the way to Germany in snow tires. It's OK through the roundabouts but lacks huevos.

  3. Sorry it sucked. They make a nice RS version over there some where.