Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years (Silvester) - Brewer Style

After 8 frenetic and sleep deprived days it was decided that a more relaxed tempo for New Years was in order. 
First we spent the morning fighting with the rental car company about switching the summer tires on our rental for winter tires.  Being New Years Eve everyone had their coats on already, weren't interested in swapping tires and the local UK branch didn't want to receive a car back with left hand drive.  Halfway to Braunsweig it became apparent that we would be driving back to London with the original car and tires.  Fuck it, we headed back to Darlingerode.
Next we headed downtown for souvenirs and provisions for New Years.  Can't say what the souvenirs were because they haven't been delivered... but they're cool!
3) Drop Gena off at the house for a much needed nap and with some time to kill Vanessa and I shot off for the Air force museum.

Fiat gate guardian (remember that this is East Germany folks)

Yeah Baby, yeah!  "You are one sexy bitch!"

Air superiority on demand.  North American F-86 Sabre.  Grandpa flew these and dad worked on them.

d) Anne invited us to her home for a Silvester celebration.  (L to R) Maria(?), Anne, Tony, Gena, Doitre and Vanessa.

The beautiful spread prepared by our hostess Anne.

Tony, "I have mushrooms, potatoes and 2 bottles. I'm a happy girl."

What a lucky man, he was..

Alpine beauties braving the freezing temperatures outside to see the fireworks at midnight.

Our lovely hostess bringing some much needed after midnight snacks courtesy of Doitre.

Gena's hair must smell great...

Finally, we stumbled home satiated and more than a little buzzed to catch a couple of hours of shut eye before heading out in the morning. 
Thank you to our gracious German hosts and new friends.  It was incredible!

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