Friday, January 21, 2011

Made It To York

In spite of a dipshit smacking into an ethanol tanker shutting down the A1 (adding an hour and a half to the drive).

Going to spend the weekend in York:
- 2-hour guided walk
- York Minster
- York Castle Museum
- The Shambles
- Jorvik
- The Royal Oak pub (why not? Maybe see if there are any Royal Oak douchebags there)
Brief history of York:  Romans, England, Angles (Germans), Vikings, Guy Fawkes, Henry VIII, Church, College, Tourists.

There's no view here either.

In other news: 5 weeks left in the Isles.  Planning to go to Ireland in 2-weeks and if everything works out I should be able to get up to Scotland as well (at least for a weekend).  Oh, and there's a motorcycle museum in Birmingham.  Sweet!

Don't read any further....

For some "unknown reason" China decided to give up a set of Panda's to the Edinburgh (Scotland) Zoo.  Chinese political dick sucking ensues and it reminded me of somthing I'd heard a while ago, I'm glad someone agrees.  Pandas are assholes

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