Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Cricketers (Jamie Oliver's dad's pub)

The highlight of my week so far has been to eat dinner somewhere other than the Red Lion by the hotel.  I Was really excited when pizza appeared on the specials board Wednesday night.  You can probably guess that the result was disappointing.  I managed to wolf down about half of the 3" thick monstrosity.  Left full but unsatisfied.

Last night I went to the Cricketer in nearby Clavering.  The pub is owned by the Oliver family and is where Jamie grew up and started cooking.  Sorry about another blurry picture but the people aren't important.  I wanted to show the low ceilings in these pubs.  Another guy (not in picture) spent a while at the bar talking to his mates with his forehead pressed against the beam.  He'll have a zit there in the morning....

Had I known that I was coming here earlier than I did I would have skipped lunch.  Once I heard about it I knew I was going to have 3 courses.  I wanted to start with the breast of local pigeon on pea puree topped with watercress and truffle oil but I knew I wouldn't eat an entree if I did.  Instead..
#1, Parsnip soup with lemon zest.

#2, "Locally shot" spicy venison meatballs with curly pappardelle.

#3, from the "what the fuck was I thinking?" category; Pavlova (meringue cake) with pears, creme fraiche, hazelnuts and chocolate sauce.

Another shot at of the pub.  Really difficult to find a vantage point that shows the size or layout.  What I can show is the annoying chick from the table next to me.  Yeah, the one with a napkin bib in her tits.
"I think I'd quite like the pigeon starter.  Do you think you'd fancy sharing the pigeon starter?  In a place like this you know that it must be fantastic"
"I'd like to try the antipasto" says her partner.
"I've never had antipasto before, what is it?  Oh, it's just olives, and ham, and peppers and cheese.  Well, I must have had antipasto before.  When Tim and I went to Majorca we had some fantastic meals, so we must have had an antipasto there."
"So we should split the antipasto then?  Which one do you think, the vegetable or the regular one?  I quite like marinated vegetables.  But we can order which ever you fancy.  I really would like to try pigeon some time."
"Why are you taking a picture of me?"
I'm not.

Last night I stopped at a pub that I've passed every day on the way to the plant, John Barleycorn's.  My colleague Wayne claims that it's infested with bedbugs.  I didn't stay there but the food was fantastic. 
Bangers and mash with venison black pepper sausages, chive potato mash and fried leeks.  Why have I wasted so many meals on the Red Lion?

This weekend I intend to indulge my airplane geekiness. 
Today is the Imperial War Museum (War Changes People) in Duxford.  Afterwards I'll check into my new digs, a B&B with a room above the pub (thumbs up smilely thing).
Tomorrow I may check out a local R/C club in the morning (if the weather's good) and then head up to the Shuttleworth collection.  I'm sure I'll find a pub or two along they way and even if I don't, there'll be one right down the stairs.


  1. "You know how I know your gay?" "How?"
    Because you ordered a dessert that came with some type of flower or leaf on the top as a garnish. Which I'm sure you picked out the color from a multiple of choices

    This is a 40 year old virgin joke for those followers how have never seen the movie. However I do know for a fact that the author of this blog has.

  2. You know how I know you're gay? You can your own salsa, and... you and your boyfriend like to spend the evening at home pinching together dumplings...

  3. Ya know how I know you're gay? Cause you keep talking about it. LOL

    I'm still not sure about all that food either.