Friday, December 31, 2010

Without Worries

Thursday morning dawned bright and early with Anne and Vanessa yelling up the stairs; "Chris, Gena it's time to wake up and have breakfast in the executive lounge!"
Back on the road about 10:00 a.m. towards Potsdam to see Sanssouci.  The palace is refered to as "Little Versailles" and was the summer home of Fredrick the Great (King of Prussia).

Everything was stunning in spite of the winter cold.

The royals were infatuated with the lifestyles of the Roman emperors and replicated the collumns and architecture everywhere.  In a really odd manifestation of this want of Roman provinence was the erection of faux ruins.  Kind of like faux marbling the wall of your trailer, they created "ruins" on the platz overlooked by the palace.

Part of the colonnade around the courtyard.

The central bow of the palace.

The terraced limestone vinyards.

Being so far North (20 minutes South of Berlin) they built the terraces to absorb (and radiate) the heat from the sun and support the vines.  The glass windows enclose the mother grape vines during the harsh winter.  The figs fend for themselves.

The New Palace (1763) on the West of the grounds.

A long (20 minutes), bitter cold walk from the central garden to the New Palace.

Sans Souci means "without worries".

Unfortunately I didn't have the prerequisite "photo pass", so I got yelled at for taking pictures inside.  Anyway's here's the King's library.

We were separated by glass, hence the reflection.  Impressive none the less.

After Sans Souci, a quick bite to eat, Gena's never ending search for the "perfect" lotion and the 2 hour drive back to Darlingerode.  

Today we packed and prepped to go back to London, visited the Luftwaffe museum, hit a bar and will go to Anne's shortly for drinks by the fireplace.  Pretty relaxed day here in East Germany. 

Happy New Year to Chris & Christy, Greg and Alysia, Mom, Mom & Dad, Mom & Dad, Deb & Bob, Jason & Alyssa, Andy & Sherry, Greg & Melissa, Kristy & Shawn, Doc, Doug & Tiff, the Caswells, Howard & Katina, the Russels (both), The Ryans, the Nentwichs, the Sherwoods, Chris (Gasman), (Sportster) Paul and everyone else that mistakenly clicka link to this blog (still trying to figure out who's reading this from Croatia and Lithuania)! 

I hope that you all greet the new year healthy, wealthy and wise.

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