Saturday, December 4, 2010

This is how I roll, how I roll, how I roll...

“I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth.” - Steve McQueen
I have just about had it with "charming" and "eccentric" for the time being.  For the past week it's taken twice as long as normal to drive anywhere due to the "crippling weather", 1.5 cm of snow.  Half an hour to go 7 miles is one thing but not being able to stand on the sidewalk is enough.  It's fucking salt, you put it on the ground!  ...and then you can walk without falling down!  Here's Caerphilly castle.  When I'm able to walk to it I'll park a mile away, trek in and take some pictures...

At least I can find solace in CAMRA (CAMpaign for Real Ale).  Gravity fed firkins at the City Arms pub in Cardiff.

The beer pumps at Major Goats for a lunch of steak and ale pie.

Zero Degrees is one of the few "microbreweries" around.  I'll check them out for dinner.  Maybe find an IPA?

The rail staion on the South end of town.

...and this is how I roll.  It comes with its own owl.

Oh yeah!  That castle I visited a couple of days ago?  Like Sarah Palin I can see it from my house.

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  1. So the stuffy English stuff is getting to you?