Sunday, December 19, 2010

Swim? The fall will probably kill us!

Moving on... The Tivoli was built in 1925 as the Tivoli Cinema.  The Cinema was built on the grounds of the Spring Brewery that closed in 1896.   All in all, the food looked good but I didn't want to hang out.  In truth, the guy next to me did not have a tracheotomy but should have (had one). 

The Portland Arms. 

Two local (college kids) walked in with pool cues in an aluminum case (that subsequently crashed to the ground in spectacular fashion).  The kid with the case had a major Birmingham accent.  If you ever have a chance, watch "Little Brittan" on BBC America, there is a Birmingham character, a late teen hood rat that is my only frame of reference for this guy's accent.  "Yah, I know, but. I know, but. She said, but.  She was all about it.  And I said, wait.  'Cause she was really drunk, ya' know.  And I was all like; yah, but.  I know.  She was totally drunk".  And they fucking sucked at pool...  In spite of the fancy aluminum case.

Oh, and by the way.  I don't want to hear anyone bitch about their driveway.  This is the entrance to my B& B.  If the car is 6 ft. wide the entrance is 6'4".  Take a look at the tire tracks, there isn't much room.  (go ahead click on it, it doesn't get any better.)
 I ended up having dinner at the Waterman.  Not only did I find my way back, but so did John and Martha!  This time John was dressed in a sport coat and slacks, Martha wore a dress.  The scene of reconciliation reminded me of the book I'm reading.  "They've seen it all, they don't need to look again."

...and, my B&B hovel.  My room is the last window on the left.  Like living in someones ranch basement.  The service is nice and all of the reviews rave about breakfast.  I had toast and coffee this morning.  Tomorrow I'll try a real "English Fry Up"; eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, roasted tomato, baked beans, hash browns and toast.

Finally, I was able to Skype with Gena and the Hintz family.  Passed around like a redhead at summer camp, it was fun.  I got to see the kids open presents and my dogs walk in and out of frame.  Made me a little sad to see Max, Jackson and NOLA walking by the computer without regard to the video image whistling to them.  Sure, I'll see Gena in just a couple of days (God willing) but I miss my dogs. 
"Why must I be like that, why must I chase the cat?  Nothin' but the dog in me..."

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  1. So is the food getting any better?

    I too always miss my dog the most when I'm on "holiday". More than the wife and I tell her. My explanation is simple, I can't talk to or pet the dog on the phone. LOL