Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit

Day two started off innocently enough.  Vanessa can show us downtown Ilsberg, stop in at the pub and have a local beer Hasserode maybe?
City hall.
 Beautiful downtown.  We missed the Christmas market by 2 days.  They closed early due to the storms.

Nein Hasserode, Brauhaus Dunkel.  Yum.

...and back to the house for some snacks and a Heffe. 

Vanessa: "OK guys we've got two options for tonight.  We can go to this shitty disco that all of the locals go to, pay too much for drinks, pay for a cab, etc.  -OR- We can call Annie and Doitre and maybe do a pub crawl downtown and have a relaxed night."
I guess we'll go with option 1 Vanessa.

How lucky can one guy be?  3 beautiful girls getting a drink for him.

The fourth, Doitre was a little pissed because we made her wait so long but she came around.

Annie, Gena, Doitre and Vanessa.  I'm am about to become very popular.

Yeah, so this is a little shamefull. 
Right about now there's a new plan being cooked up.  "I want to dance, do you want to dance?  Chris and Gena should see a German discoteque while they're here". Yep, right about now we  start collecting our gear and looking for a cab to visit Klima, the disco.

Yay! Klima!

Maybe a thousand revellers.

Cheers guys!  If you act like you don't see him maybe he'll go away.


Na zdoróvye! Me, Gena, Annie and Christian.

Gena and Annie.

Look, it's the monkey from Detroit on stage again.

The DJ loved me too (because he thinks that I'm from Detroit).

Too impatient to wait for a cab the five of us packing into some poor girls two-door econo box.  Oh, and some stranger climbed into the trunk for a ride back to Darlingerode.  Everyone thought she knew someone else. 

So long, farewell, auf widerzein, adieu.  It's 5:00 a.m. folks, time for bed.....

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  1. Got to love a good rave.

    You said:
    The DJ loved me too (because he thinks that I'm from Detroit).

    But you are from Detroit for all intensive purposes.