Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lord of the manor

I am bustin my ass over here y'all.
After spending all day at the customer site it was after dark when I took off for the hotel.  If you remember what the corporate veal pen looked like last week you'll understand why I had a hard time finding this place.
Walking in there are four people standing there to greet me; the maitre 'd, reception clerk, valet and proprietor.
"Would you like help with your bags?"
No, thank you. (he took them anyway)
"Will you be joining us for dinner tinight?"
Yeah! That sounds great.
"Would you like to have a drink by the fire while we prepare your table?"
I'd like a whiskey.
"We have 30 different whiskey's.  Perhaps you'd like a local single malt?"
That'll do. ;)
Where I take my meals.  Last night was fried brie and rocket salad with cranberry compote.  Turkey breast with Parma ham in a rosemary, wine and lemon sauce.
Crappy view from the dining room
 Bar / lounge

View from the tennis courts.
This morning I'd reached my limit re: dirty laundry.  I needed to find a laundry / dry-cleaners but I won't be here this weekend to pick it up. I needed to find someplace closer to downtown Cardiff or close to the route out when I leave for Milton-Keynes on Sunday.
Can you point me towards a laundry?
"There aren't many close.  We can take care of your laundry for you."
No, I have two weeks worth of laundry to wash.
That's no problem, Maria can wash it for you today.
Fantastic! One errand down before I've even had my breakfast.

 I couldn't get a good picture of the room but it's very nice and has a huge bathroom.
The guys at work are calling me "Lord of the Manor".  Hail to the King baby!

BTW - it is the Manor Parc Hotel,
Thornhill Rd
Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF14 9UA
029 2069 3723

Learning new things:
  • "Omnibus" meaning "for all" that adorns the side of the 17th century carriage is the origin of the word "bus".  (Three posts back)
  • If you "send someone to Coventry" it means that you ignore them.  (Shit, see four blog posts back).
  • Horation Nelson whooped Napoleons ass at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.  The Duke of Wellington in addition to having the original Hot Pocket named after him whooped Napoleon at Waterloo ten years later.  They're both buried here at St. Paul's Cathedral. 

Finally - Happy Birthday mom!
From the Lord's seat in Wales

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