Sunday, December 5, 2010

Life lesson thanks to the monarchs

Good morning campers.  It's a cold one out there.

There's one downside to living like a prince. 

Putting up with the King.

I'm in the Executive suite.  The bridal party is in the Presidential suite, which as luck would have it shares a wall and a door with the Executive suite.
They kept the party rockin' until four this morning with drinks, dancing and music.  The play list?
- Whitney Houston, I wanna dance with somebody
- Dire Straits, So far away from me
- Will Smith, Getting jiggy with it (the na na song)
- Roxette, The look
- Van Halen, Jump
Over and over again. 
I felt like I was 10 again and at someones birthday skate party.
"Grab your partner skaters, after this song we're going to have the wheelbarrow race!"

The Coup de grace was some drunk idiot appointing himself DJ (immediately followed by "not again" from the revellers) and then screaming profane and homo-erotic parodies over the top of each song.  We all act like you're being funny but it all comes out in the wash.  Inside he's hurting.....
Every 45 minutes or so the same hot mess would knock on my door trying to find her way back, or someone would bang on the door adjoining the rooms. 
Surprisingly once I threw a pillow over my head it was off to a restful sleep.  (Walking like a man, hitting like a hammer.  She's a juvenile scam, never was a quitter.  Tasty like a raindrop, she's got the look)
8:00 a.m. could not come early, or loudly enough.  I grinned in my bed when I heard the construction workers start outside (That can't feel good).

It's a cold one outside.  Don't forget your booties!

Afternnon update.
The wedding party looked rough this morning.  I think I recognize the DJ too.  He's going to have a shock for his wife in a couple of years....
Bye Cardiff.  75% Dickens, 25% Bladerunner

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