Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just a quick little update

Usually my weeks aren't very interesting, that's why I don't post a lot during the week.  My weekends are interesting but the weeks kinda suck.  I figure that this week is about to spin out of control so I'll throw out a little update.
  1. I head into the office or to the customer site that I'm visiting in the morning. 
  2. Eat a god awful lunch in the plant cafeteria (fish cakes, peas, powdered mashed potatoes and a diet Sprite!). 
  3. Check into the hotel; repack everything that I'll use for the week into 1 bag.
  4. Do a little bit of work or read email.
  5. Survey the local pub scene for dinner.
  6. Take a book to read with dinner
Tues through Friday repeat 1, 2, 4 & 6.
However the pubs themselves are pretty interesting.  You meet some interesting people like Harvey, John and Martha from last weekend.  You probably wouldn't have guessed that Martha is a woman's rights activist and black, would you?
And they're old, really old.  From a time when people were shorter (that's a myth).  Closer to Middle Earth than North America.

Behold the Red Lion!  They claim that it was hand built by Carmelite monks in the 13th century as a priory.  I don't believe it, most of the building looks like it was built in the 1700's.  There's a clear difference between the main building (and an additional chapel on site) and the wings.
From my room you can see hotel and restaurant are on the left, the chapel in the far right corner.

Anyway, here's where I've eaten dinner 5 or 6 times in the last two weeks. 


A nightmare for Andy and Chris...  Not like Eastside Tavern nightmare, but probably only 6 foot to the beams.

My favorite spot.  After 2 pints by the fire my feet will finally thaw.

A lot of folks over here order a starter (appetizer) a main and a dessert.  I usually drink my dessert but I like a starter.  Here we have leek and potato soup with whole grain brown bread. 

I've never read Catcher in the Rye before (our school wasn't big on reading).  I'm certainly not the first self indulgent prick to think this but I think Salinger is writing about me! (aside from the 1950 1st publishing date).

That's about it to report.  I did have a moment of schadenfreude tonight.  I forgot my camera in the hotel room and walked past (passed) the same guy twice, spinning the shit out of his tires trying to get out of the parking lot. (I walked past him along the driveway, turned around, went back to the hotel, back upstairs to my room and back down passing him a second time before he reached the street).  It's a good thing that he's driving a Volvo.

Oh, and my sweetie (or sweaty after 8 hours on the plane) arrives in about 34 hours.  In the meantime I'll button up things at the customer site tomorrow.  Head down to the office in MK early to pick up my sweaters (thanks mom), Junk magazine (thanks Billy) and Tom-Tom cable (thanks Julian).  Early night in MK and attack Germany (and Belgium, and France, and the Netherlands) in the morning.

Finally, Chris (Gasman) asked if the food was getting better.  Since it's topical and would otherwise make for a long comment, here's the answer.
The food is good in general, some pubs are better than others but good overall.  Much better than everyone thinks, if anything it's a little over seasoned and salty.  I'd take the pub food here any day over Applebee's or the like back home. 
In general I'm just kind of sick of eating out.  The pubs all have generally the same menu:
  • Fish & Chips - always good
  • Burger - always bad
  • Fired shrimp, prawns or scampi - good in a pinch
  • Lasagna - I don't know why this is on every menu?  Instead of ricotta they use a bechamel sauce that feels like a cross between lasagna and mac-n-cheese. I like it.
  • Bangers and mash -or- sausage and mash -or- sausage mash and Yorkshire pudding - Depends on the sausages which range from "best ever" to "I don't think that these are good any more"
  • Bisquits and cheese - Crackers and cut or spread cheese with olives and grapes - nice fall back
  • Curry - This is like sould food back home.  The fancy places manage only to fuck it up while a $5 plate at a shithole is the best ever!?
I crave pizza almost constantly and if asked will usually respond that "that's what I'm missing from home".  What I'm really missing and have not been able to find is taco's.  Not the fancy "guys I brought you here becuase this is real mexican..."  No, I want the bag of powder that turns grey meat orange.  Corn tortillas that are inexplicably 160 calories a piece.  Refried beans where the beans are second on the list behind lard and taco sauce that has more to do with Dow Chemical than Mexico.  And a Corona with a fucking lime in it!  Whoo hoo, git sum!


  1. You should try and get a fuckin breakfast burrito... ;) IMPOSSIBLE!
    Billy. (sounds like your havin fun..)

  2. That's almost depressing man. I'll be sure to order some pizza this weekend and hold up a slice in your honor! LOL

    Maybe we can send you some freeze dried pizza?