Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's A Marshmallow World

It's officially 15.5 degrees in Cambridgeshire!  We got about two inches of snow last night and it (of course) shut everything down.  Gatwick and Heathrow airports are closed.  However, I'm confident that Gena's flight will still go off as planned.  (they're probably only cancelling the cheap flights)
This morning I was up bright and early (thanks in part to my circadian rhythms being off due to yesterdays wake up call).  After some toast and Apricot "conserves" the news was warning "officials advise that no non-essential travel should be attempted".  They say that every morning!
Well, they were right...  After breakfast I went up to Duxford (about 9 miles) to the Imperial War Museum.  As soon as I left downtown it was near whiteout conditions.  In 9 short miles I witnessed 3 cars spin off of the road.
Finally I arrived at the museum to find a sign stating "the museum is closed due to dangerous conditions". 
Well, shit.  What now?  I've already walked all over Cambridge, the roads are no joy either.  I guess I'll go back to the B&B and regroup.
Google search, walking distance to the hotel:  Museums, bust.  Attractions, nope. Pubs, winner, winner chicken dinner!  Hop Bine a short mile from the hotel sounds promising for a 1 man pub crawl.
Over the Victoria bridge crossing the Cam and through Jesus Park.

Actually, that is Victoria bridge in the distance.  Initially I crossed a little further downstream looking for a post office box.
And that is a star-shaped UFO.  Look for a full story on "That's Increadible".  John Davidson has already been in touch.

Jesus Green.  With a name like that wouldn't you expect more?  At the end of this path lies beer!
It is cold; bone chilling, hand aching, nose bleeding cold.  The kind of cold that cuts right trough your jeans and your gloves. 

North Cambridge, pretty as a postcard.

Yesterday while waiting for the Tourist Information center to open I wandered through the outdoor Christmas market and found a used book seller.  Picked up pocket editions of a couple of books I'd been meaning to read for 3 quid (quid because my computer doesn't have a pound sign).  The book inscription on Cannery Row was kind of interesting, it read:
"Dear Dennis, we thought you might enjoy having a book purchased at John Steinbeck's birth place in Salinas, California".
It speaks to the idea of the global market place that I'd pick up a book in Cambridge that was purchased in California.  In fact I've been to the Lake Tahoe home that he was a caretaker in. 
Probably a gift from mom and dad that slacker Dennis sold for an upcoming 1.50 beer and 25 cent wing night.

Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again....

Cozy spot by the fire.  I never appreciated coffee shops and pubs with fireplaces like I do now. 
A pint of Christmas Cheer and a plate of Thai curry.  Good enough, fortified my soul but it's time to move on.

Oh you again!  The scene of the crime last night.  "A Rudolph Red please."

Back to the fire, same seat as before.  No wife beaters this time.  I have already seen one of the guys from last night.  Something tells me that I'll run into Harvey before this night is through.
In the meantime I'll warm up, have another and check in with the party hostess.  She has the unenviable task of throwing a party for 18, at our house, by herself.  I'm sure that everything is fine, I'll go poke the bear in a little bit.



  1. I keep checking out my own post just to see Dino and Frank.
    "How do you make a fruit cordial?
    Be nice to him!"

  2. Real nice. Do they have a ruff time with the snow over there? You'd think they would be use to it.